The Artist

The Artist in Gore

The Artist in Gore oil on canvas

Philip Kilmore

Philip is a photorealist painter living in Northland, New Zealand. Using the abstract structures of colour, composition and form he creates a sense of drama and balance in his highly detailed, hyper-realist works.

Philip's works are characterised by his technique, attention to detail and choice of subject matter and perspective. His paintings create a sense of intimacy with the viewer  - this ability to enter into the paintings is often commented on. To be engrossed by them evokes a feeling of timelessness and tranquility, of the world standing still. Through his paintings, Philip celebrates the ordinary, using the landscape and simple everyday subjects as metaphors for our place in the world. The fully rendered realism of Philip's work allows him to emphasise the particular and the unique in nature. "I want to pay homage to the complexities of nature and the differences and distinctions, and realism allows me to do this." 

The vibrant and rich floral works are larger than life, creating a glorious portrayal of his treasured hydrangeas, capturing their perfection, flaws and blemishes in detailed, radiant works. Philip's favourite painters the Pre-Raphaelites called their models their "stunners" and these often overlooked and neglected flowers are his.

The still life works are another of Philip's favourite painting subjects, and as challenging as the hydrangea works. The distortions and reflections created by the glass bottles give the paintings mystery and complexity. The intense colour and cropped composition of the flowers give the paintings an intensity and presence that captivates and holds the viewer in an intimate and yet familiar setting.

The landscapes capture the inherent beauty in our everyday environment and reflect an almost spiritual quality in the shape and form of the landscape. Not content to replicate the majestic and obvious, his works celebrate the ordinary by focusing on the variations and subtleties in his subjects, allowing the viewer to become lost in the often overlooked complexities of a familiar object or scene.

"When I'm working on a picture I'm always thinking about what I'm going to paint the next day, next week, next month. I've got so many ideas floating around in my head, I'll never run out of them. People often comment that I must have incredible patience, but it's not patience, it's a determination and commitment to fully realise my ideas and to faithfully depict the beauty that nature creates. I enjoy the challenge of exploring new ways to portray a subject within the realist genre and despite the frustration and occasional monotony I can't imagine not painting - the excitement, the challenge, and the uncertainty that comes with every painting is what drives me and will drive me as long as I am able to hold a brush."


1980  Montana Wines Art Award - merit & viewer's choice
1981  Montana Wines Art Award - merit, viewer's choice & sponsor's choice
1987  BRL Art Award - highly commended


1986  Solo exhibition Dawson's Gallery Rotorua

1987  Solo exhibition Harrison's Gallery Tauranga

1979-1988  Works exhibited at:
Whitecliffe Gallery Auckland
Downtown Hilton Gallery Auckland
Dowse Gallery Wellington
Dawson's Gallery Rotorua
Harrison's Gallery Tauranga
Gisborne Art Gallery & Museum Gisborne

2001  Group exhibition Landforms Arts Desire Warkworth

2002  Solo exhibition North Land Arts Desire Warkworth

2003  Commenced painting full-time
Group exhibition A Sense of Place Arts Desire Warkworth

Solo exhibition Coast to Coast Arts Desire Warkworth

Commission for The Friends of the Mahurangi for 150th Warkworth anniversary

Exhibition Rural Decompositions Arts Desire Warkworth

Group exhibition Fishers Fine Arts Auckland

Group exhibition Realism, Impressions & Hope Fishers Fine Arts Wellington

Exhibition Preserving the Past Arts Desire Warkworth

Two works published in Wrinkly Tin: A History of Corrugated Iron in New Zealand

Exhibition The Small Exhibition Arts Desire Warkworth

Works in Art for the Kaipara charity auction    

Exhibition Fractured Images Arts Desire Warkworth

Included in New Zealand's Favourite Artists by Saint Publishing

Sole painting in Gala Charity Auction for Chris Cairns Foundation Launch

Exhibition Fringe Dwellers Remuera Gallery Auckland

Exhibition Reality Check Bank Street Gallery Whangarei

Sole painting in Allen's Charity Auction for the Whangarei Hospice

Group Exhibition Summer Catalogue Warwick Henderson Gallery Parnell Auckland

Group exhibition Falling Leaves Aesthete Gallery Hamilton

Group exhibition Autumn Catalogue Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland

Exhibition Near and Far Bank Street Gallery Whangarei

Group exhibition Summer Catalogue Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland

Group Exhibition Real and Unreal: An Exhibition of NZ Surrealists Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland

Exhibition Ever Closer Matakana Gallery Matakana

Auckland Art Fair Viaduct Basin Auckland

Exhibition Dichotomy Art Matakana Matakana

Exhibition Pick of the Bunch Remuera Gallery Auckland

Group Exhibition The Earl Street Journal  Milford Galleries Queenstown

Group ExhibitionThe Review Milford Galleries Queenstown

Artists' Impressions of NZ Book Launch Exhibition Art Matakana Matakana

Included in Artists' Impressions of NZ  by Saint Publishing

Group Exhibition 4 Real Aesthete Gallery Hamilton

Group Exhibition The Earl Street Journal Milford Galleries Queenstown

Group Exhibition The Review Milford Galleries Queenstown

Group Exhibition Spring Catalogue Milford Galleries Queenstown

Group Exhibition The Earl Street Journal Milford Galleries Queenstown

Group Exhibition The Royal Queenstown Easter Show, Milford Galleries Queenstown

Group Exhibition A Take on Reality Aesthete Gallery Hamilton

Group Exhibition Altered Perspectives Aesthete Gallery Hamilton

Exhibition Up North The Gallery Helena Bay Northland
Purchased Burning Issues Gallery Whangarei and had break from painting while refreshing and renovating gallery.