The Mophead Works

After many years of painting landscapes and exploring themes relating to European colonisation I was drawn to hydrangeas and their connection to the past, they are the Everyman's plant we all grew up with. I see the hydrangea as a metaphor for European arrival in New Zealand and the putting down of “roots”. Many hydrangeas have survived where man has long departed, standing alone as monuments or memorials to past lives.
In these works I can combine my love of the intricate detail, colour and composition of the flowers with my love of nature and themes that have been everpresent in my earlier works. I really enjoy capturing the flaws and blemishes that give the plants character, like the lives they are metaphors for. The many layers of semi-transparent glazes capture the delicacy and translucence of leaves and petals, creating works that are vibrant, full of live and movement. The rhythmical, circular compositions draw the viewer deeper into the work, where you linger and become lost, become mesmerised.